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"When size does matter!"

Hollywood Bob's Hosta Farm is located in southeast WI in Evansville on 13 acres. Currently the hostas take up about 3.5 of those acres but Mike and Fran are making fast work to fill it up. Hollywood Bob's has 1,500 plus varieties and I think they are beginning to lose count. 

The owners of Hollywood Bob's, Mike and Fran, are major cut-ups and love to have a good time. They love to talk hosta and entertain their visitors. So, if you are looking for a fun day and some monster hostas, be sure to stop by on their open days or give them a call to make an appointment. 

Mike and Fran have just one rule: No one leaves their hosta farm without a hosta! 




How Hollywood Bob's Got It's Name

How Hollywood Bob's got its name:

In short, Hollywood Bob's was named after Mike's Brother, Robert "Bobby" Krueger.

Bob resided in Hollywood, California during the time of his death. 

Bob had saved up for a once in a lifetime trip to Israel to the Holy Land. Not long after arriving to his much anticipated destination, Bob fell at the hotel, hitting his head on a concrete pillar. Bob later slipped into a coma. He held on for a couple of days and later passed away on his mother, Barb's, birthday. During the time the hosta farm was being started and names were being looked at for the business, the anniversary of Bob's death (January 31, 2009) was approaching, as well as Barb's birthday. It was immediately decided to name the business Hollywood Bob's after Bobby.

I never got to meet Bobby, unfortunately, as I've heard he was such a fun and interesting person. I enjoy hearing the stories of Bob's life and now his memory can live on.

RIP Bobby!

Fran Mason

Hollywood Bob's Hosta Farm

Pictured right: Bobby (right) his partner (left) in the Holy Land.

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To make a special appointment to visit the farm if you missed our open house days or for questions:

Open House Hours

TBD - Due to Covid-19 we are closed for garden tours and open houses until further notice. We will still be shipping. Shipping is planned to start Mid May.


Check us out on Facebook by clicking the icon below. We post auctions weekly, some hostas are entire clumps, or rare varieties!

Address: 5404 N. Eagle Rd

Evansville, WI 53536

Phone: 608-490-0195

Email:  hollywoodbobshosta@gmail.com

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