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Medium/Large: This is a beautiful nicely edged gold from Jessica Alba x Key West from Jeff Moore's program. I am just as excited to tell you about how it got its name though. This one was named by Gary Lindheimer (Naylor Creek) and is a fine example of his humor. Lust In The Dust is an old movie that Gary enjoyed. You all should google and check it out. Gary giggled and giggled when he suggested the name to Jeff as a joke but as you can see the name stuck! Anyone that was close to Gary got to hear all about this movie and he tried to get us all to watch. Some of you got roped into watching and you know who you are! If you want a plant in your garden to get a good giggle out of in honor of our  ost friend, Gary, this would be a good one! We all miss you, Gary!

Hybridizer: Jeff Moore

photo credit: Fran

Sive available - quart

Shipped Bareroot.


Lust in the Dust

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